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Hello International Service Team (IST) members of the USA Contingent!
My name is Bill Daggett and I am honored to be serving as the IST Commissioner. I will be your contact for questions and information now and on site. So, let me share some items with you.
Please understand that IST Members serve at the World Scout Jamboree in positions under direction of the Jamboree Planning Team (JPT). As such, the JPT and the Korean Scout Association (KSA) make all the plans, announcements, and decisions regarding IST assignments and schedules. IST members who registered through the BSA website are members of the USA Contingent, and ALL are registered to attend this summer. This means we can not answer some of the questions being asked until that information is passed to us from the JPT or KSA. Please be patient.
Our BSA Event Registration System is presently being updated to collect IST members information needed to complete your WSJ registration. This includes all of the JPT/KSA’s requested registration information, including your Job Position Preferences and travel arrival and departure information. We will notify you when your updated input of information is needed – expected at the beginning of February..
Arrive: July 29. The first meal service for IST will be dinner that evening.
Depart: August 13. The last meal service for IST will be breakfast that morning.
The JPT/KSA will operate arrival bus service from Incheon International Airport to the Jamboree site for IST arrival and departure. Arrival service will run July 29 to Aug 01. Departure service will run August 13th. 
The exact shuttle schedule and whether it will be on a reservation system or a wait in line system has not been released.
Do not make plans to arrive at the Jamboree site earlier than July 29th unless you receive direction to do so from the JPT/KSA in conjunction with your Job/Position assignment. Anyone not in receipt of a Job/Position assignment prior to traveling to the Jamboree, will receive their assignment on-site.
The IST Position Catalog is to be made available to us by the start of February. 
Deadline for job preference submission is presently February 28th. We will provide you updates as received.
There will be online training for all IST (expected May)
Onsite IST Training – July 30
Onsite IST Job/Position Training – July 31
You should have received an email reference optional tours we’ve worked with our travel agent to make available to IST. These are commercially offered to you by JTB USA Inc. with information and purchase available at (IST/Staff touring is separate and independent of BSA registration. Offering and option to purchase is directly with JTB USA Inc.)
Tents – provided by JPT/KSA, IST lodging is two per tent. We have not yet received final confirmation of the size tent. More information is expected after our next Study Visit in April.
Cots – The JPT/KSA will provide a sleeping mat to all Jamboree attendees. Additionally, the USA Contingent (BSA) is procuring cots for USA members (youth, leaders, and IST). Still in work, dimension is not yet available.
Weather -It will be HOT and could be RAINY. Sun shades and umbrellas are advised. BE PREPARED!
All USA Contingent Members, including IST, will receive minimum:

• 2 USA Contingent Patches

• 2 USA Contingent Neckerchiefs

• 1 USA Contingent Floppy Hat

• 1 USA Contingent Duffel Bag (120 liter from Klymit)

• 1 USA Contingent day pack

(This is the minimum, final numbers, and ability to purchase more patches or neckerchiefs will be posted later).
The BSA Event Registration system is accessed at – same place you registered and have made your payments. Please make sure your information is correct and keep up on payments and additional information upload requests.
Bill Daggett
IST Commissioner