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Tree in foreground of an image of Gyeongbokung Palace.

Charging stations will be provided at the Jamboree, though it is recommended that everyone going brings power banks. (Photo: Pixabay)

A Jamboree app will be the key tool for all participants this summer, providing event details, schedules, updates, weather reports and more.

Scouts are encouraged to bring a phone with them to make full use of the app and it is expected the site will be covered by wifi.

The app will also be able to scan participant QR codes to allow for easy exchange of information, activity attendance, and transportation. Once complete, the app will be downloadable from the Google Play store, and will also be available from web browsers for non-Android devices.

In order to make sure you can use the app, it will be critical to keep your electronics charged.

There will be a number of designated charging facilities around the Jamboree site, including at each sub camp office, at each of the on-site activities, at the Staff Hub locations, and at the SaeManGeum Delta. 

It is recommended that participants bring a battery pack to the Jamboree, in order to limit trips to the charging stations as well as to charge larger devices like tablets or laptops, which cannot be charged at the stations.

Sub camp charging stations will have a lock box to secure charging battery packs and phones. There will be an IST in charge of the station that will keep the box secure. Participants will be able to leave their device in the lock box and return once charged, expected to take about 2.5 hours. You must provide the charging cable for any devices that you need to charge.

Participants should not need to use roaming features of their network provider and may choose to put their device into Airplane mode so they do not accidentally incur unexpected high phone bills.

It is suggested Scouts make use of apps using wifi to make contact with home rather than calls or texts – or to check with your network provider about the terms and costs of using your phone in South Korea.

Some people are looking into buying sim cards for one of the Korean phone networks but it is advised not to try this on arrival as contingents will be moving together through the airport and onto coaches for the pre-tour experience.