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Man wearing dark shirt and light baseball hat stands in foreground with tents in the distance behind and a blue fence in the midground.

Greg DeVor. (Photo: Greg Bulger/U.S. Contingent Media Team)

Everyone say hello and thank you to Greg, a member of the USA IST from Ohio who is working in the Jamboree dental clinic! You read that right — Greg joins a few IST from other countries as well as some Korean dental students to remain on call for any dental emergencies during the event. During his free time, he does what he can to help direct foot traffic around and through the hospital next door. He has really enjoyed meeting his fellow dental staff from around the world and learning the subtle differences from their home practices! He has also had a blast setting up a trading station and interacting with international Scouts. His advice to the Scouts? Be sure to wash your hands before brushing or flossing, and go meet new friends from around the world!