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Here are some answers to common questions about the
2023 World Scout Jambore in South Korea for the USA Contingent

What is the World Scout Jamboree?

The World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) is the largest regular event organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), gathering up to 50,000 Scouts from more than 170 countries around the world.  It is an educational event to promote peace and understanding among young people from different cultures.  The World Scout Jamboree includes many activities and opportunities to make friends from other countries.   

The next World Scout Jamboree will take place in SaeManGeum, South Korea.  SaeManGeum is located west of the city of Buan, 170 miles south (3 hour drive) from Incheon Airport in Seoul.

For more information, visit the host website at The 2023 WSJ will be the 25th Jamboree in Scouting history.   The first Jamboree took place in England in 1920.

What are the dates for the World Scout Jamboree?

The Jamboree will be held August 1- 12, 2023.  A pre-tour is being planned as part of the participant package for youth and adult leaders.  Departure from the USA is expected on or around July 26, 2023.

Who can attend the World Scout Jamboree?

Youth Participants must be at least 14 by the first day of the Jamboree, August 1, 2023 and have not turned 18 by the last day of the jamboree, August 12, 2023.

Youth participants spaces are open to ALL registered members of Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scout.

Adult Leaders must age 21 or over by the departure of the USA Contingent, tentatively July 26, 2021.

IST and CMT members must be age 18 or over by the first day of the Jamboree, August 1, 2022.

The WSJ Contingent is open to all members of Scouts BSA,  Venturing and Sea Scouts who meet the age requirement.   All unit leaders, IST and CMT must be registered as an adult with the Boy Scouts of America and be current with their Youth Protection Training.  Additional YPT training will be required. 

How much will the WSJ Cost?

$6,100.00 USD for youth participants.

$2,300.00 USD for IST and CMT.

For more details, including a payment schedule, go to the APPLY page.  

For youth participants and unit leaders, the jamboree fee includes: the jamboree fee, travel to and from the USA to Korea, a pre tour, all meals during travel, pre tour in Korea, transportation between from Incheon International Airport to the jamboree site and back, insurance, jamboree swag, USA contingent support, and more.

For IST and CMT participants, the jamboree fee includes: the jamboree fee, transportation between from Incheon International Airport to the jamboree site and back, jamboree swag, insurance, USA contingent support, and more.

    • Youth participant and unit leader departure points for travel are still being finalized and will be released later.
    • IST and CMT are responsible for their own travel cost to the jamboree.
What is the Jamboree Refund Policy?

All registrations will be charged a $100 cancelation fee.

Payment made on your behalf (i.e. jamboree fee, airline tickets, equipment, etc.) many not be refundable.

After all deductions are made, a refund of any or all remaining fees paid may be available.

Are there scholarships available?

At this time, there are no scholarship available from the USA Contingent.  However, we encourage Scouts to contact  their local Council, unit charter organization, and local service organizations (such as Rotary or Kiwanas) for support.  Many Scouts earn money or fundraise for a year or two to pay for the Jamboree.  

How can I apply for the 25th World Scout Jamboree?

The application system will open on November 15, 2021.  Go to the APPLY page of this web site to begin your application process.  

What is the Selection Process?

Selection Process

The Boy Scouts of America is limited to the number of participants and International Service Team Members it can send to a World Jamboree. Based on anticipated participation, space could be limited. Additionally, organizing a contingent of this size takes time. If you have submitted your application and not heard back yet, please be patient.

Participants – Participants will be notified by unit leadership if they have been accepted or are being put on a waiting list. If they are put on a waiting list, they will continue to pay according to the payment schedule. Applicants on the waiting list that are not ultimately selected will receive a full refund (including initial deposit).
Leaders – There will be four leaders per unit and acceptance timing will be based on the filling of youth in the units which have been allocated to each region. Leaders will continue to pay, according to the payment schedule even if they have not been confirmed. BSA area and regional leadership will select leaders based on the leader qualifications. Leader applicants who are not ultimately selected will receive a full refund. If a unit leader applicant is not selected for a unit leadership position, they are encouraged to consider modifying their registration status to that of an International Service Team member applicant. Once that modification is made in their application, selection for an IST position will be handled by the Host Team. Female leadership is important in order to follow BSA policy on co-ed units.

IST – Once approved by their local Council and the USA Contingent leadership, the application will be sent to the World Jamboree Organizers (Host). The Host will notify the applicant of acceptance and job assignment. Some assignments will likely be given in 2022 and some in 2023. The applicant will need to continue to pay as per the fee schedule above. If an applicant is not ultimately accepted, they will receive a full refund.

Who will decide on who is selected to go as a participant or as a unit leader?

There are many levels of approval to participate in any capacity, including your local council, and BSA Area and National teams.  There are no “Golden Tickets” to attend the World Jamboree. That is, there is not a set of qualifications that guarantee attendance at the World Jamboree. The registration order may be taken into account, but it is not “first come, first serve.”

When will those decisions be made?

Decisions on members are made on a rolling basis, as applications are received.

Participants and Unit Leaders will hear from Contingent leadership if and when they have been selected. IST applicants are selected by the Host Team and may not hear until 2023.

How will I know if I’m selected?

Your local council will approve the application.

Youth participants – Once approved by the council, applications will be reviewed by the CMT and placed in a troop based on geography. This process can take some time

Unit Leader – Applicants will be interviewed and notified if they are selected.

IST – Once approved by the council, the CMT will review and reach out additional information is required.

Can I also participate in the 2023 BSA National Jamboree?

Options are being reviewed for how participants could attend both events of the choose. Participation in the 2023 National Jamboree would require additional fees.

Please note due to the USA Contingent departure date, participant would be required to leave the 2023 BSA National Jamboree early.

What is IST and How Do I Serve on Staff?

The International Service Team (IST) staffs the Jamboree.  IST members must be 18 years old or older.  They serve in many roles, including security, food preparation, program staff (zip line, rock climbing, water sports, etc…), first aid, and many other roles.  The IST is an international corps; you will be working alongside staff from many countries.  IST have their own camp and dining hall.  They will have “time off” to enjoy the Jamboree and participate in some events.  For Scouts who want to join the Jamboree, but are older than 18, this is a great way to participate.

What does an IST member do?

Just like any NSJ, program and operational responsibilities still have to be fulfilled. Think of any job to make a 50,000-person city come alive, and it’ll likely be there! 

When will I know what job I have as IST?

It takes a lot of specialized skills to host a World Jamboree experience. The Jamboree Host committee plans to make as many IST assignments as possible in advance of arrival at the Jamboree site. Consideration of factors such as a candidate’s skills, areas of interest, and experience will likely figure into the selection process. IST prospects will need to be cleared by their NSO before they can be considered for appointment to the IST. Please note that the primary role of IST is to serve the youth by helping deliver the World Scout Jamboree experience.

When will IST members need to arrive? When will IST members need to leave?

IST members arrival and departure dates may vary depending on their position, but will generally be required to arrive one to two days before the event, and depart one or two days after the Jamboree.

Will I be able to attend only half of the WSJ as an IST member, similar to BSA’s National

At this time, the answer is probably not. Staffing at a World Jamboree is different due to many factors. However, the ultimate decision for IST staff and schedules will be decided by the Host team and we will let you know if we learn of shorter team staff opportunities.

What do the Adult Leaders Do?

Each unit will consist of 36 Scouts and four unit leaders – one unit leader and three assistant unit leaders.  Unit leaders are required to be over 21 years of age by the time of the Jamboree. These leaders are responsible for providing a safe Jamboree experience for the participants and for supporting the youth leaders in carrying out their responsibilities. Adult leaders will be selected on their experience, qualifications, and ability to provide supervision and leadership to the unit.

How can I get more information about the USA Contingent?

There are many ways to stay in touch with the USA Contingent.  The best way to stay in the loop is to follow this web page and blog, and our Facebook page.  Additionally, if you have specific questions about the USA Contingent, please send an email to

How large is the USA Contingent?

The USA contingent is planning for 790 people:

  • 14 units of 36 youth and 4 unit leaders (560 total)
  • 200 International Service Team (IST) members
  • 30 Contingent Management Team (CMT) members
How will we travel to the World Jamboree?

Each unit will travel together to South Korea. Scouts will meet their unit at an airport relatively close to their home.  The unit, under the supervision of four adult leaders, will fly to Incheon airport, near Seoul.  The unit will tour Seoul and South Korea for several days before travelling to SaeManGeum by bus on August 1, 2023.  The Scouts will depart the Jamboree on August 12, 2023 by bus to the Incheon airport, where they will catch their flight home. 

What is a Contingent Kit?

Each participant and IST member will receive a contingent kit that consists of patches, neckerchiefs, and other USA Contingent branded items to wear and take to the World Scout Jamboree.

What gear will I need for the Jamboree?

The Jamboree will provide a tent (one person per tent), sleeping mat, and patrol cooking gear for each unit.  Participants will be responsible for bringing their own personal gear, including a sleeping bag and pad (if desired), Scout uniforms (Class A or Field Uniform), and casual Scout wear (Class “B” or Activity Uniform) shirts.  Scouts will be provided with a detailed packing list.

What kind of weather can I expect?

South Korea is hot and humid in August.  The Jamboree site does not have much shade, although each unit will have a large tarp for shade.  Be prepared to wear sunscreen and clothing to protect you from sun exposure, and to always have plenty of water with you to stay hydrated.  Fortunately, the site is near the sea, and may have a steady breeze at times.  

Wifi and Electric Power

The Jamboree will have wifi throughout the site.  Contingents are responsible for providing solar charging stations in their unit camp site.  Don’t forget a power adaptor that will work in South Korea!  You may also want to bring a solar charger and extra batteries.

What do people wear at Jamboree?

For travel, evening shows, and formal events, participants will wear their full BSA uniform. But for most of the time, we will be wearing a scout t-shirt, shorts or pants, and a neckerchief.  We’ll be very active during the day and the weather will likely be warm and humid, so dress accordingly.  Participants will be issued a contingent neckerchief and a WSJ neckerchief.  The WSJ necker indicates that you are an official participant. You will also be issued a security credential (name tag) that must be worn at all times. Scouts often give or trade neckers as a sign of friendship, so sometimes you will see participants with three or (many) more neckers around their neck.

What's up with how Scouts tie their neckerchiefs?

Scouts take their neckerchiefs (or “neckers” or “scout scarves” as they’re called in other parts of the world) very seriously.  In some countries, Scouts use three people to roll and tie their neckers just right.  You will notice that many Scouts don’t use neckerchief slides (also called woggles). Instead, they tie a special knot called the Friendship Knot at the end. This knot signifies the special bond of friendship Scouts have around the world and is a convenient way to keep your scout scarf together. You can learn to tie the Friendship knot in this video or this diagram.

Figuring Out Jambo Acronyms

Scouting is an alphabet soup of acronyms.   Here are some that you should know:

CMT: Contingent Management Team – the committee of adult leaders who are responsible for program and safety of the contingent.  For the USA contingent, there will be about 35 CMT members.

HOC:  Head of Contingent – the “CEO” of the contingent, who also represents the contingent and country at the Jamboree.

NSO: National Scouting Organization – The Boy Scouts of America is our NSO.  There are more than 170 NSOs that will be at the Jamboree.

SFH: Safe From Harm – this is the training and program used to prevent and deal with what the BSA calls “youth protection”, or YPT. 

WOSM: World Organation of the Scout Movement.  WOSM hosts three major events – the World Scout Jamboree, World Scout Moot and JOTA-JOTI. 

JPT:  Jamboree Planning Team – The volunteer committee responsible for planning and carrying out the Jamboree. 

KSA:  Korean Scout Association – KSA is our host, and as such is responsible for the JPT.

How will Covid-19 Impact the Jamboree?

The 25th WSJ host committee is working closely with the government of Korea to monitor any impact to the jamboree. While the hope is the world will be back to normal in 2023 it’s still too early to know what safety steps may be required.

The 25th WSJ host committee does not currently know if Covid-19 vaccines or negative test will be required. Information will be updated as we learn more.

What if the Jamboree is Cancelled?

The USA Contingent will follow the policies published by the 25th WSJ host committee if the jamboree is canceled.

The BSA Contingent will work to refund a partial or full refund dependent upon available funds returned by the 25th WSJ host committee.

The timing of refund payments would be dependent on funds returned to the USA Contingent and/or if applicable, insurance claims paid to the USA Contingent.

Additional details are available in the event disclosure section of the jamboree registration process.

After I am selected as an IST member, will I “belong” to the USA Contingent?

After the 25th WSJ host committee has selected you as an IST member and assigned you to an area (for example, the Global Development Village), then you will “belong” to that team. Any resources for the USA Contingent are still available to you, but you will work primarily with that team.

Additional details are available in the event disclosure section of the jamboree registration process.

Will I have any down time to enjoy the Jamboree as an IST member?

Absolutely! It’s the goal of the 25th WSJ host committee to recruit enough IST members for everyone to have ample time off. The 25th WSJ host committee is also planning IST specific activities in communities near the jamboree site.

What jobs are available for IST members?

The organizing committee in Korea has not release that information currently. Please note that the primary role of IST is to serve the youth by helping deliver the World Scout Jamboree experience.

When will IST members need to arrive? When will IST members need to leave?

IST members may be required to arrive prior to August 1, 2023 and depart after August 12, 2023 base on their work assignment. The 25th WSJ host committee will communicate those dates directly to the IST.

Can International Service Team Members participate in the pre or post tour?

Due to IST arrival dates prior to August 1, 2023, based on work assignment, no opportunities will be available to tour the with USA contingent.

No post tour options are being planned. However, IST are encouraged to explore South Korea on their own, or with other IST.

What will the food be like?

Units will order food and ingredients on an app prior to the Jamboree.  Suggested recipies and food combinations will be provided.  Each morning, representatives from the unit will pick up their food order at the Subcamp HQ.  Cooking gear will be provided at the Jamboree.

I have a question about payments. Whom do I contact?

For assistance with the registration system, contact your local council.  

For payement questions, contact

“The World Scout Jamboree changed my life.  I made friends from around the world.”